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School Features & Facilities

School Overview

Syokimau Blessed Assurance Academy is a primary modern day and boarding school that offers 8-4-4 and Competency Based Curriculum (C.B.C).
For admission, your child should be at least 3 years of age to be admitted into play group. All learners joining pre-primary 1 (pp1) to class 8 undertake an entrance interview in order to ascertain their learning gaps – if any.

School Transport

Syokimau Blessed Assurance Academy has several school buses that ply from School to Athi river, Katani area and its environs. We have a well-coordinated fleet to ensure smooth picking and droppings within the acceptable time. 

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at SBAA consists of a 25m by 13m (big pool) and a baby pool of 6m by 4m. The school has a very competitive professional swimming trainer with a vast experience in water. All learners are encouraged to take up swimming in order to gain a very important life-saving skill.

Boarding School Life

SBAA is regarded as an integral part of the School as it provides accommodation and therefore the opportunity for learners to experience the specific advantages that SBAA Day & Boarding school provides. The Boarding is in a modern complex, more like a hotel facility than a boarding school, and is our pride and joy.
The boarding accommodates both girls and boys boarders ( Each have their separate wing). The dormitory has 15 washrooms on each floor with an A1 mirrors mounted on the walls.
For boarders, the Boarding is a home-away-from-home that seeks to assist them to achieve peace of mind and to provide them with an opportunity to develop socially in the company of other learners of similar ages. There are also opportunities to develop sporting and cultural skills and to achieve a high level of each learners’ desire. For information on boarding, kindly get in touch with us and we can give you a tour.

School Activities

There are various activities that keep our learners engaged throughout the term besides the academic aspects.

We have various sporting facilities such as: Netball, Football, Swimming, Athletics, volleyball, table tennis and chess.

Besides sporting activities, our learners are also involved in Music lessons (which encompass learning various instruments like Piano, Guitar, Violin, Trumpet), Agriculture club, Scouts & modern dance.

Learning Approaches

Syokimau Blessed Assurance Academy has a firm Christian foundation and uses a holistic approach that is, academic, physical and spiritual attributes in developing learners skills.

At SBAA, we give our learners the opportunity to do the following:

  • Play freely and creatively within a defined, secure environment.
  • Function independently according to their maturity level.
  • Gain a sense of competence and responsibility for their own conduct.
  • Be challenged and experiencing small successes that build self-confidence.
  • Take pleasure and satisfaction in what they have experienced and accomplished.
  • Learn to communicate verbally their feelings and wishes.
  • Learn to identify and solve problems of group/social living.
  • Interact with peers and adults, and enlarging on their abilities to give and receive love.
  • Be respected as individuals and learning to respect themselves and others